How should I report an issue with Homeroom?

For students, teachers, and parents: Please report the issue to your school techs. This lets them collect and organize all reports, and answer any school-specific questions before involving Atlas.

For techs, please submit your issue on this site ( For any emergencies such as service disruption, please call your Atlas representative immediately.

When submitting tickets, please include as much of the following information as possible:

  • The name of the teacher/student affected. If multiple, please pick one that is having the issue (no need to include multiple)
  • If possible, a screenshot. Videos are even better if you can record one with an iPad or iPhone.
  • The name and class of the assignment, if applicable
  • Whether the issue happens to multiple students or just one and if it happens all of the time or just sometimes
  • If they are not using Safari on the iPad, what browser and operating system are they using
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