Why does Homeroom ask if I want to upload a file to Google Drive or Atlas?

If you have connected your Google Drive to Homeroom, whenever you upload a movie file or a file larger than 15mb to Homeroom you will have the option to upload to Homeroom or Google Drive.

Every file uploaded to Atlas is stored on the Atlas servers, converted to multiple filetypes, and redundantly backed up. If the file is large, this process can drastically slow down user uploads. Conveniently, Google Drive can store, convert, and share files much more quickly than Homeroom, and offers free unlimited space to educational users. By offloading large file storage to Google Drive, Atlas can safely let students upload files without a limit on size.

It is recommended to keep the default option (Upload to Drive) unless you experience issues. It will ensure that files are uploaded and stored as quickly as possible.

Important Note: In order for "Upload to Drive" to work, the connected Google Drive account MUST have "Global Share" permissions enabled. If your district has disabled global sharing, please choose "Upload to Atlas" from the options menu.

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