Accessing links through Apollo - pages scrolling on iPad, no open in Safari-Chrome option

Eric Folks shared this problem 3 years ago

When students click on some links shared through Apollo, say to a Google Form, they can't scroll down to see the rest of the content on the page if they're accessing the page on an iPad and the link opens within Apollo (same with Chrome app on an iPad). Yet if they're not on an iPad, and using Chrome or Safari on a laptop, the scrolling of the page works fine.

Other links, like one I added for CNN, give an "allow pop up" option and open the link in a new tab on the iPad.

Either we need ability to enable links to be opened in a new tab, a open in Safari/Chrome option (in case functionality is not there within Apollo view of the linked resource), or we need all of the links to be scrollable.

Thanks Andrew

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Hey Eric, we added a patch over the weekend that fixed this issue. Please let me know if you still see issues.

Thanks - Andy


It worked! Thx Andrew!

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