Homeroom and Skyward sync

Lori Burch shared this problem 4 years ago

Homeroom not syncing from Skyward for all Schedule Changes.

We have a student that had 3 schedules changes yesterday and they did not should up in Homeroom. I looked at the Skyward files and the changes were in the files.

The student ID is 43911.

These 3 courses were changed:

27115 – Anatomy & Phys, Changed from section 3, 2nd period TO section 2, 5th period

28055 – Symphonic, Change to 28075, Wind Ensemble section 1, 3rd period

21420 (AP English 4) – this one we fixed manually in Atlas Admin.

These courses do not show up on the students schedule in Homeroom (I verified in Atlas Admin).

We have had this happen with several students in the last week.

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Since we've updated the sync system, this should all be up to date.

If not, please open a ticket so I can look into it.